ETP 400 MARC Board Vibration Test

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1.1 To determine the best dampener material/solution for the dragonfly.


2.1 Compare the vibration level (accelerometer data, x, y, and z) of dragonfly and quad without any dampening solution at same motor throttle

Dragonfly test:p11 p12

Quadrotor test:


p13  p14

2.2 Test and compare different dampening materials and mounts, find the best solution
2.3 Run the main motor at different throttle levels, like 60% PWM power, 80%, and 100%. Make sure the dampener can guarantee good dampening effects under different work conditions.
2.4 Plot/draw charts/figures to analyze the dampening results, and see if they satisfy the acceptance criteria

2.5 Add weight to the dampener to increase inertia and further improve the dampening performance. In the figure below, batteries are mounted to the dampener mount to increase inertia.

2.6 Repeat the steps from 2.2 to 2.4 with weight added to dampener and cross-compare with previous results.


3.1 Vibration needs to be less than 0.3 G in the x and y axes and less than 0.5 G in the z axis.