ETP 200 Gear Box Life Test

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1.1 To validate the life of the gearbox under load and no-load conditions

2.1 Position the ring gears in the 50% wing amplitude position and tie a string around the gearbox to lock the ring gear in said position.
2.2 Assemble gear box to test bed per figure 1

Figure 1: Test Assembly
2.3 Add wings with single “3X” band on each side of each wing
2.4 Ensure wings push air upwards
2.5 Set voltage to 7.4V
2.6 Record no-load Amperage
2.7 Slowly increase variable controller until the wings begin to constantly flap and record amperage
2.8 Slowly increase variable controller to the full throttle position and record amperage
2.9 Using the strobe light measure and record the motor RPM
2.10 Stop motor after 10 minutes and let system cool for one minute. While cooling record:
2.10.1 Temperature of the motor
2.10.2 Temperature of the yoke at the trunion pin
2.11 Consider steps 2.4 through 2.10 one cycle
2.12 Repeat until 12 cycles have been reached
3.1 Gearbox and associated gear train shall not fail after


Engineering Test Results

ETP-200 Gear Box Life Test – Annealed PEEK
ETP-200 Gear Box Life Test – Mg, PEEK&PTFE
ETP-200 Gear Box Life Test – Mg
ETP-200 GBLT- Firstcut (sin^2 Linkage)