ETP 100 Motor Performance Test

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1.1 To validate the performance of a motor under load conditions.


2.1 Position the motor being tested on the motor testing fixture with the shaft facing upwards
2.2 Set up the Eagle Tree Elogger with the RPM sensor.
2.3 Install the appropriately sized propeller labeled “ETP-100,” on the motor shaft ensuring that the air will be pushed upward, and record both the diameter and the pitch of the propeller.
2.4 Plug wires into motor and test to ensure prop spins to push air upwards


2.5 Tare scale
2.6 Set voltage to a voltage within the operating conditions of the motor (read motor data sheet for this information), record the voltage.
2.7 Increase the throttle to 20 (read throttle on Elo\ger display), then record the RPM, Amperage and thrust.
2.7.1 Repeat this same test with throttle at 40, 50, 60, and 77 (max).
2.8 Repeat 2.3-2.7 with increasing larger props to attain multiple data sets for RPM, Amperage and thrust.

Engineering Test Results

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